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Tomasello’s win seals the dual for the Bucks as No.4 Ohio State defeats No.13 Rutgers, 23-18

By Eric Olanowski, 02/06/17, 7:00PM EST


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Eric Olanowski

Eric Olanowski


141: No.6 Anthony Ashnault (Rutgers) df. No.15 Luke Pletcher (Ohio State) via major dec, 10-1. Rutgers leads 4-0. 

P1: Ashnault picks up a takedown with 1:00 remaining in the first to take the 2-0 lead. Ashnault hits a roll-through tilt and picks up an addition four points before the period ends. 6-0 lead after the first for Ashnault. 

P2: Ashnault goes down, gets an escape, 7-0 is his lead. 

P3: Pletcher picks neutral to start the third period. Ashnault picks up his second takedown and now has a 9-0 lead. Add one for riding time and Ashnault picks up the major decision. 

149: No.5 Micah Jordan (Ohio  State)  df. No.14 Ken Theobold (Rutgers) via major decision, 12-4. Rutgers and Ohio State are tie, 4-4. 

P1: Theobold looks for a mixer, Jordan stops the attempt and picks up the first takedown of the match. Jordan has picked up his second and third takedown of the first period. There is still :45 left, Jordan leads 6-3. Four takedowns for Jordan as he takes a 8-3 lead into the second. 

P2: Jordan starts the second in the bottom position, Thoebold is riding tough! There's :25 left in the second.

P3: We start the third on our feet with Jordan picking up an early takedown. 1:00 remaining in the third and Jordan leads 10-4. Jordan picks up a takedown at the buzzer to pick up the major decision! 

157: No.14 John Van Brill (Rutgers)  df. Josh Powell (Ohio State) via tech fall, 17-0. Rutgers leads 9-4.

P1: Van Brill picks up a takedown, working on a tilt. Ref had five one-counts but Powell was able to sneak out of bounds without giving up any backs.

P2: Van Brill starts down, picks up the escape and is right in on the legs as he picks up his second takedown and a couple sets of backs, has a 13-0 lead. Put another four on the board for Van Brill, he picks up the tech fall in the second period. 

165: Cody Burcher (Ohio State) df. Anthony Pafumi (Rutgers), 7-5. Rutgers leads 9-8. 

P1: Burcher picks up a takedown but Pafumi ties it after a reversal. 1:00 left in the first and Burcher is able to get out, takes the 3-2 lead. 

P2: Pafumi's choice, he's going down. Pafumi comes up to his feet and ties it at three. Burcher shoots a swing single, peaks his head to the opposite hip, switches to a double and picks up a takedown. :20 left in the second, Burcher riding tough. 

P3: Burcher starts in the down position with the 5-3 lead. Butcher picks up an escape. Perfumi picks up a takedown. Burcher gets out, holds on to the 7-5 victory! Battle tested Burcher! 

174: Jordan Pagano (Rutgers) df. Justin Kresevic (Ohio State), 7-1. Rutgers leads 12-7 heading into break. 

P1: Pagano picks up the first takedown, immediately looks for a leg on the left side but Kresevic is able to get out and pick up the escape. Kresevic able to hold off a late shot attempt from Pagano as the period ends, 2-1 for Pagano. 

P2: Kresevic starts down, gets broken down as Pagano has the left leg in riding a power half. Pagano rides the entire period out, riding time sitting at 2:12. 

P3: Pagano starts down, comes up to his feet and picks up the one. Extends his lead to 3-1. Pagano picks up a takedown and stall call (second), wins 7-1. 

184:  No. 10 Myles Martin (Ohio State) df. No.13 Nick Gravina (Rutgers), 9-2. Rutgers leads 12-10.

P1: Martin gets an early takedown, cuts Gravina with 1:00 left in the period. Martin in a single, has it up in the air but Garvina is fighting tough. Martin stays patient and brings Gravina back to the center of the mat, picks up two and has a 4-1 lead. 

P2: We start in the neutral position, Gravina looks for a shucks-by, Martin goes double under but doesn't score. Still on our feet, no change in position. 

P3: Gravina starts down after an Ohio State challenge of a takedown late in the second period. Put four on the board for Martin from a tilt, 8-1 is the score but Martin does have riding time. Needs a takedown to pick up the major. 

197: No.4 Kollin Moore (Ohio State) df. Matt Correnti (Rutgers) via major decision, 16-8. Ohio State leads 14-12. 

P1: Too much action here! Moore picks up three takedowns off of six shot attempts. Moore leads 6-3. Correnti picks up a takedown, followed by Moore picking up an escape, 7-5 is the score heading into the second. 

P2: Moore goes down, picks up the escape and another takedown. That makes it four takedowns for Moore, he leads 10-6 after a Correnti escape. 

P3: Correnti starts down and trails by three after the escape. Moore with a SICKKK duck-under! Ends the match with a LATE takedown to pick up the 16-8 major decision.

HWT: No.1 Kyle Snyder (Ohio State) df. Razohnn Gross (Rutgers) via tech fall, 24-9. Ohio State leads 19-12.

P1: Four takedowns for Snyder as he takes the 8-3 lead into the second period. 

P2: Gross starts in the bottom position. Snyder ends the period in the top position with the 19-8 lead. 

P3: Snyder starts the third in the neutral position. Snyder puts 24 on the board and picks up the tech fall. 

125: Rutgers wins by forfeit. Ohio State leads 19-18.

133: No.1 Nate Tomasello (Ohio State) df. Scott DelVecchio (Rutgers) via major decision, 15-5. Ohio State defeats Rutgers 23-18.

P1: A couple High-C's for Tomasello and he picks up a 4-1 lead. DelCecchio picks up the takedown on the edge, trails 4-3! 

P2: We're neutral as Tomasello has a 9-4 lead with 1:00 left in the second period. "That time he brought his hips to the party" says Jim Gibbons as Nato picks up ANOTHER takedown in the second period. 

P3: Nato is looking for a major decision as he leads 11-5 with 1:20 left in the dual. :20 left in the match and Nato will win 15-5 with riding time.