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OWN Class of 2018 Top 25

By OWN Staff, 10/13/16, 12:00PM EDT


Class of 2018 rankings are the opinions of the OWN team.  Rankings are based on regular and off season results.  Also, performance at National tournaments hold more weight(ie Ironman, Beast, Fargo, etc) then a small margin head-to-head win at a local/regional tournament.  

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6th grade and Under BIG 25 - release 11/1

Nothing has changed with the top four since their sensational freshman campaigns.  Out of the top four Class of 2018, they have a combined 8 out of 8 state final appearances and 7 for 8 capturing gold in Columbus.  Carr gets the #1 nod over the always exciting Mitch Moore due to his recent Who's #1 win.  Moore has made leaps and bounds this summer (if anyone thought that was possible), but we have yet to see him on the National scene this pre-season.  It will be interesting to see where he lands at Super 32.  Hoskins gets the nod over Mattox merely for being a 2X champ, where Mattox dropped a freshman state final to Hart(St. Ed).  

Jordan speaks for himself as he is carrying on the family legacy.  

Look for Cardello to make the biggest jump this year as he is working out with Decatur day after day.  Yinger just recently won the Grappler Fall Classic in impressive fashion and will continue to open eyes at the Ironman.  The fact that he is now with Coach Doggett and in the Mechanicsburg wrestling room is enough to make this already tough competitor that much more dangerous. Fenton is the one that could have been a few spots higher or lower, his Ironman performance will determine where he falls in his class in two months.  Same thing goes for Fargo AA Shore as it does Fenton, he could easily be up a few or down a few spots, but he was bronze in a brutal weight last March finishing behind Hoskins and Quinn.  He also owns a win over Hoskins.  

The question of why Thomas is ahead of state champion Freeman is simple, Thomas lost a two quarter final against Adkins in Columbus and then he came back to wreck the bracket. Our speculation is that Thomas would comfortably defeat Freeman, but we will never know as the two are separated by two weight classes this season.  

The scary part is there is enough points with the four Graham juniors on this list to likely win a state team title by themselves.  


1. David Carr Massillon Perry
2. Mitch Moore Graham
3. Tommy Hoskins Legacy Christian Academy
4. Jaden Mattox Central Crossing
5. Rocky Jordan Graham
6. Brendan Fenton Elyria
7. Matt Cardello CVCA
8. Colt Yinger Mechanicsburg
9. Graham Shore Miami East
10. Ryan Thomas Graham
11. Keevon Thomas Lake Catholic
12. Nate Keaton Circleville
13. Sandro Ramirez Wauseon
13. Matt Fields Walsh Jesuit
14. Matt Kazimir St. Edward
15. Victor Marcelli Massillon Jackson
16. Joey Baughman Wadsworth
17. David Crawford Canfield
18. Trevor Lawson Olentangy Liberty
19. Ronnie Rowan Akron Firestone
20. Gage Braun Graham
21. Lamonte Chapman Fremont Ross
22. Jacob Edwards Troy Christian
23. Jared Ball Hilliard Darby
24. Cody Howard St. Edward
25. Ashton Eyler Claymont

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