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Ohio legend Mike Kulczycki is building the next generation of champions.

By OWN Staff, 07/22/14, 1:15PM EDT


The Wrestling Factory of Cleveland open to all wanting the next level.

Discipline.  Pride.  Determination.  Power.  Attitude.  Skill.  Success.  

These words seem to be commonly used in the wrestling world.  As common as they may seem, it's more uncommon for all these to be properly instilled into wrestlers of any age or skill level.  

Instilling strong discipline, pride, determination, power, attitude, and skill are exactly what the daily goals are at 'The Wrestling Factory of Cleveland'.  And it's hard to argue any of those words, especially the final piece.......SUCCESS!  

TWFOC (The Wrestling Factory of Cleveland) was founded by a highly decorated Northeast Ohio native, Mike Kulczycki.  From the time Kulczycki stepped on the mat of the famed CYO Youth Wrestling organization, all the way to his coaching career at the University of Michigan, all he has known is success.  But don't tell him that, as he will be the first to point out there is always plenty of room for improvement no matter what level you are at.  

"Our thoughtfully structured workouts will accommodate and/or assist your high school or local club practice," said Kulczycki.  "The Wrestling Factory of Cleveland offers 24/7 hands on personal coaching and mentoring for wrestlers who consistently train year round and desire to be the best in the state, country, or world."  

The Wrestling Factory will keep a personal file on each and every wrestler to monitor their progress and development throughout the year.  This is an obvious key ingredient to charting the growth of you or your wrestler.  

Most of the wrestling community in Ohio will always equate the name Mike Kulczycki to the legendary St. Edward Eagle Wrestling Program.  And why not, he was a part of the 1998 Eagles National and State Championship team that is considered one of the best teams ever in Ohio Wrestling history.  

With that said, most Eagle outsiders may have had the preconceived notion that TWFOC is strictly a St. Ed training center.  This could not be further from the truth and goals of Kulczycki creating his year-round wrestling facility.  

"I am no longer coaching at St Eds and will be focusing on building my business at The Wrestling Factory,"  

Kulczycki has spent his life traveling the country and world making friends and working out with new partners to meet this goals.  

"My desire is to build the wrestling factory into a non affiliated club that all wrestlers can use to train year round.  A place where you can come to wrestle on open mats and meet with kids from other schools and private clubs."  

He also understands that in today's world, families have different schedule and lifestyles, so he has worked hard to accomodate everyone's needs.  

Pre-season:  August 25th - October 30, 2014
In-season:  November 2014 - March 2015

Sunday practices are open to non-members at $10  

Also available at TWFOC: 
Strength & conditioning / agility classes
Yoga for wrestling

-Private lessons and small groups are also offered.

The Wrestling Factory of Cleveland isn't just learning from one highly accomplished wrestler and coach.  Kulczycki provides his students with the very best in clinicians, such as Alan Fried (4X  Fargo Champ / 3X Ohio Champ / NCAA Champion).  September will feature one of the top youth coaches in Mike Krause.  

No matter what age or skill level you or your wrestler may be at, TWFOC is doing the right things to prepare the next wave of champions from Ohio.  

Full information can be found at  

Mike Kulczycki Wrestling Bio:  

Wrestling Bio:

2x state champ
4x state placer
All-American at U of M
1998 Dave Schultz award winner for Ohio
1998 outstanding wrestler state tourn
Lee Kemp award winner
6 th 1994 cadet world championships
13th place 1995 cadet word championships
4x CYO champ
Wrestled and coached numerous times at Olympic training center
Trained with the Olympic team for 2000, 2004 and 2008
2008 Olympics Beijing. Practice partner
Trained and prepared gray Maynard for his title fight w Frankie Edgar
110 career wins in college
Most takedowns in 2001 and 2002

Coaching Bio:  

8 yrs as asst coach at University of Michigan
3 NCAA Champions
25 NCAA All-American Honors
13 Big Ten Individual Champions
5 Top 10 NCAA finishes- 2nd place finish (2005)
7 NCAA finalists in the last 7 years